Friday, July 13, 2007

Take A Load Off at Villa Montaña

If snorkeling, surfing or lounging poolside are not relaxing enough for you, Villa Montaña, nestled between white sand and lush cliffs in Puerto Rico has a few more options. This exclusive, luxury resort is located in the area known as Porta del Sol (doorway of the sun) on Puerto Rico’s west coast.

Some bungalows feature 3 bedrooms and bathrooms with ‘open air’ showers. (Multi-task by getting tan and clean at the same time!) Activities include horseback riding (Villa Montaña has its own stables), tennis and adventurous excursions both on land and water, such as tours of nearby towns and scuba-diving.

One of the most unique things about this hotel is the garden spa. Herbs, vegetables and flowers grow abundantly in this little enclave. I saw corn, gardenias and orchids in different areas of the garden. And, as the ultimate re-acquaintance with nature, guests can enjoy spa treatments smack-dab in the middle of them! (Talk about an escape from the city…)

Mani-pedis take place in a gazebo in the center of the garden. The method may be slightly rudimentary for those of us accustomed to vibrating chairs and flat screen TV’s while we get our tootsies attended to… but I’ll take the lack of chattering women and fluorescent lights in this naturalistic retreat, any day!

Massages happen in this gazebo. I was told that the massage therapist also lights candles and plays soft, soothing music, just in case being surrounded by singing birds and rustling palm leaves doesn’t quite do it for you.

I strongly suggest having lunch beachside at the Eclipse restaurant and bar. Wood benches and tables are punctuated with exotic fabrics and accessories.

Torches illuminate the night, furthering the feeling of an opulent Kasbah on the sea. Daytime bonus: beach mattresses are only steps away…

The food is comprised of typical Puerto Rican indulgences such as the appetizer plate featuring fish fritters, fried corn meal, cheese balls and guava empanadas. Salads, seafood and meats are on the menu with Caribbean flare (such as a side of fried plantains).

Villa Montaña’s hip sushi restaurant, O, is set to open in August.

Following the sexy ‘naked fish’ trend already hot in places like Los Angeles, O's reclining guests are served raw fish in canopy beds swathed in red gauze, or on a zebra print mattress with an ornate chandelier overhead.

A popular wedding destination, Villa Montaña is appealing to couples and families, alike. And, as most of us know, with both planning a wedding and traveling with kids, taking a load off becomes absolutely necessary from time to time – even in a tropical locale…!

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Deb said...

I am soo jealous! What a beautiful location. Enjoy!