Monday, July 23, 2007

Celebrity Sips - Paris Hilton's Liquid Viagra

It has been a while since I've done a dedicated Celebrity Sips, so I found something fun to share with you all. This comes up now because I tasted Tyku at Tales of the Cocktail, and it is reported that Ms. Hilton sipped Tyku and Dom at her birthday bash, a few months ago. (Not sure how I missed that one...)

Apparently, Tyku has aphrodesiac properties, and since we all know that poor little rich girl's sex life has not been documented for a bit (though we're surely waiting with baited breath for "Bad Girls Behind Bars: The Hilton Sexcapades") maybe Paris needed a little birthday boost. After all, 26 in "celebrity years" is like being 74 years old in the real world...

It sounds like the old gal had a ball, despite the fact that guests left early due to her posse of classless clods. As midgets, monkeys and goats trailed around her fete, the heiress grabbed the mic, and crooned "I want you, I need you" to on again, off again boyfriend Stavros Niarchos.

btw - They're off again, this summer. But, who knows. The shipping heir and hospitality heiress could still end up sprouting little heir babies swaddled in orange jumpsuits, someday.

Actually - with that thought in mind, maybe we should keep the Tyku away from her...

*Photo Credit: Lauren Herman / Startrakphoto, borrowed from this article in People Online.

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