Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cosmo in a Bottle

Yet Another Way to Enjoy the World's Most Over-Exposed Cocktail

It is not a secret that the Cosmo is not one of my favorites. My post on "Just Say No To the Cosmo" sums it up. Every bar for the last 5+ years felt compelled to make Cosmo-this, Cosmo-that. It got to where I'd roll my eyes every time I looked at a "creative new cocktail menu."

That said, my mother-in-law makes a pretty good one. She uses lots of fresh lime, which makes a big difference. And, she makes a point about how much she loves them every time I see her, ever since I wrote that post. I suppose those who do love Cosmos are die hards.

So, when it came time to sample Smirnoff's pre-mixed Cosmo, I felt it only fair to gather some other opinions. I had a couple of friends over recently and put it to the test. I tried not to suade them one way or another and wrote down their responses. I asked what they thought of it. And, would they buy it.

K: (female) Yumm... Not too sweet. Well done. I would buy it.
J: (male) Refreshing. Kinda sweet. Its a girly drink. I wouldn't buy it.

As for myself, it was infinitely better than I would have expected. I probably wouldn't have bought it, so I'm glad to have tried it. The pre-mixed mojito is also in this photo but I didn't get a sample of that so you can read about it on The Spirit World. (In the interest of time - getting this post up - I also lifted this photo from them. Thanks, guys.)

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