Monday, June 18, 2007

Ask The Liquid Muse

As always, I love getting feedback from TLM readers, and try to provide suggestions, when possible. Here is a note from Sipster Stever, in DC, who totally stumped me. Anyone have any suggestions?

Hi! I have friends coming into town this weekend, and as always, want to make sure I have what they drink stocked. One drinks a cocktail called a “Georgetown” or “Georgetowner”, and I can’t find the recipe anywhere. I asked him what the ingredients are and he said “…don’t worry about it, I’ll drink vodka.” Can you help??? Thanks!! Steve

Hi Steve,
Wow – I have no idea on this one! Is this a drink created by a specific bartender at a specific restaurant or bar, perhaps? Sometimes bartenders (being the creative people that they are) come up with their own unique cocktails – hence, the rest of the world is not privy to the recipe... Can your friend provide more info?

If we don't get to the bottom of this little mystery, you can come up with something thoughtful for your friend. Given that he is a vodka drinker, try preparing a summery vodka infusion in honor of his visit.

One idea is to skin a cucumber, then cut it length-wise into several long, skinny pieces. Drop those into a bottle of vodka, along with a sprig of fresh dill or rosemary, then let them sit (ideally, this should sit for at least week, or two, so get it going now). This infusion is delightful served chilled on its own, or as part of a refreshing Garden Spritzer: Pour two ounces of the infused vodka into a tall, ice-filled glass. Add a squeeze of lemon, then top with soda water and garnish with a lemon wheel.

Another idea to spice up the visit is to infuse jalapenos in vodka. Shake a couple of ounces, with a squeeze of lime, strain into a cocktail glass.

In the meantime, if anyone knows what a Georgetowner Cocktail may be... please share in the comments, below!

xo The Liquid Muse

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DC Celine said...

Is there a resident bartender at the Daily Grill or Nathan's? Billy Martin's? That is, of course, assuming the drink's named after the DC Georgetown...