Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What's Red, White and Blue, and Green All Over?

As per my previous post, a few DC bars are featuring "green" happy hours. Well, don't think that out here in California we don't have plenty of Eco-Activity, ourselves!

Obviously, our buddies up in No-Cal have lots of eco-focus, and Elixir bar is even the San Francisco's first "green" saloon. How about them (green) apples?

Sipsters who want to stay green, all the way down to their libations, only have to look as far as LA Green Drinks to find like-minded people! This way cool blog has tons of info on green events along with places to drink, hang out, and get pro-active.

In their words, "Green Drinks allows for anyone concerned about environmental issues to get together over a drink. LA Green Drinks: Culver City 1st, Hermosa Beach 2nd, Silverlake 3rd, Studio City 4th - Thursday of every month. Green Drinks events are very simple, informal, unstructured, and self organizing but help connect the green network."

And, of course, don't forget about my cocktail class: Sustainable Sips on Tuesday, July 24 in Century City. You will learn how to make delicious cocktails, using organic or biodynamic products. (And, have a fine, damn time doing it, I might add...) Email me for more info at: natalie@theliquidmuse.com. (People registering by July 15 are guarenteed a goodie bag!)

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