Friday, June 01, 2007

TLM Becomes A Swag Hag

Last night, I went to the MTV Movie Awards gifting suite at the Sofitel LA. Basically, these events are very much like being at a trendy LA bar - a bit crowded, rather hectic, awkward at times, and flocks D-lebrities elbowing their way to the front... but still something you absolutely want to do. It's the Hollywood version of a fun night out.

Here are a few goodies I took home, and thought deserved a plug:

The first room we walked into was full of baby stuff. I almost wished I had a little one to swathe in trendy loot. These things from Duck Duck Goose Boutique are going into my “future baby” box.. This adorable onesie from Totspot. “I ran out of womb.” Freakin’ ADORABLE!!! (Quick - somebody get me a newborn...) They also carry a nifty contraption called Kipiis which turns any napkin into a bib, and an adorable faux animal print pacifier clip (which I forgot to grab but might be on their website).

Next, these baby leg warmers from Baby Legs just make me giddy. Seriously. I want to find some chubby little baby legs to stuff into them, right NOW! (In the meantime… here kitty, kitty…)

Now, making a baby usually starts with a kiss. So, one of the next things I picked up was a wonderfully minty and tingly lip balm called Lano Lip. It's not tested on animals... but that doesn't mean I won't test it on an animal of my own. ;-)

We moved along to the clothes for grown ups rooms and found some treasures. Namely, this super cute hat from Brokedown. It has just the right amount of attitude to be a sexy accessory at a dance club but is functional enough to shade the peepers at the beach.

And, I love the Renegade Angel design on this T-shirt from City Boy Empire. Perfect with jeans, under a funky jacket – you know the look. I think I might cut mine a bit to make it more rocker-chic.

Another thing I'm totally looking forward to is a pair of customized flip flips from Bling It On Designs. Bling-a-licious!

For those with too much loot, the non-profit Clothes Off Our Back Foundation auctions celebrities' donated duds and signed memorabilia online, benefiting children’s charities.

As if clothes and future baby stuff weren't decadent enough... Allie's Edibles handed out hand-crafted chocolates. Gooey caramels and melty marshmallow, coated in chocolate. A little bitta heaven.

Another treat was a taste of Kiwiberri. If that other "berry" yogurt place has a line out the door (who has time to wait?) then give this one a try. To-may-to, To-mah-to. You may just like it better...

This Jesse Walker lunch bag almost makes me long to have an office job, or go back to school, just so I can tote my sandwich in style. Uh - on second thought maybe I'll just pack my meal (and liquor flask) in the kitchen and carry it into my home office. Yeah. Much better idea.

And finally... drumroll... the liquor room! This bottle of Roberto Cavalli vodka may just have made the whole journey worthwhile! They were serving a “spa martini” which featured cucumber and herbs. Yum. Who said designer stuff is only for the outside of our bodies?

All in all, it was a pretty fun “celebrity” experience. I wonder if there is rehab for gifting suite addicts…

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Deb said...

OMG those are adorable!!! I got to buy some as gifts!