Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gin Martini? Vodka Martini?

Drinking Sonnema, you feel like you don’t have to choose…

Gin pretty much starts out as vodka, which is then flavored with Juniper. Back in the1800's, a Dutch trader named Hendrik Berenburg sold an herbal blend (which included a healthy dose of juniper) in port towns, where the herbs were blended with alcohol. Parallel with the origins of the “cocktail” itself, this concoction was used for medicinal purposes. Later, Freddie Sonnema, an innkeeper, took that concept and re-vamped it into what became a popular local spirit.

Today, Sonnema VodkaHERB is steeped in Dutch history and heritage, and carries on the tradition of a Jenever-style spirit. The charcoal distilled grain vodka is infused with gentian root, wormword, cedar and, of course, juniper.

One of the things I like about Sonnema is the subtlety of the herb influence. While Sonnema has depth and layers, its herb-a-licious-ness is not overpowering. It is superb for my favorite kind of martinis – ones using fresh rosemary or basil. Add a splash of vermouth, a twist of lemon or hint of lavender… and you’ve got an amazing cocktail on your hands!

I’d say this decision is a no-brainer.


Shawn said...

Great post -- the connection between gin and vodka is often overlooked. I once spent a couple of weeks trying out variations of gin and flavored vodka. With all the variations of vodka flavors available, mixologists can customize their own flavors. Some of my favorite pairings were equal parts of an assertive gin and currant, raspberry or orange vodka.

Misja said...

Very good blend of tradition and taste.
You can taste the herbs without them overpowering, Smooth and silky.
You can really see there's craftmanship involved.