Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cool Baby, Drinking Mamas, Preggatinis ™ and A Little Porn

Where Moms, Martinis and Muses Collide…

Members of LA’s hipster Mom’s Club gathered at Cool Baby, Southern California’s hottest kid hang-out, for a night of literature, laughs and libations.

I kicked off the evening with a Preggatini ™ presentation. I created a Call Me Princess Preggatini for the event, demonstrated how to make it, and provided samples of the non-alcoholic and “de-virginized” versions for the moms to sip while they settled in for the readings.

Next up, came the writers. Christie Mellor, best-selling author of "Three Martini Play Date" featured excerpts from her new book, "Three Martini Family Vacation."

Erika Schickel read from "You're Not The Boss of Me,” which was included in People Magazine’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Stephanie Wilder Taylor, author of "Sippy Cups Are Not For
Chardonnay" will see her next book titled "Naptime Is the New Happy Hour" out next year.

And, I was happy to finally shake hands with Brett Paesel, irreverent author of the popular "Mommies Who Drink," with whom I’d be corresponding via email for about 10 months! With a title like that, I knew we must be birds of a feather. (Well, ok, I’m not a “mommy”… but I do drink… and I like mommies who drink… so there!)

Once we covered all the mom stuff, the topic switched to something which goes even better with drinking. Yes, folks, we’re talking sex. And, not just plain old, run-of-the-mill sex. We’re talking porn.

Hostess of the evening, cool owner of Cool Baby, mother of a two-year old and Harvard-grad-cum-porn-expert, Ayn Carrillo-Gailey, treated the moms and me to a reading from her recently released Pornology.

Whether you live for skin flicks or are “pornophobic” (her
term, not mine) you will do yourself a favor by reading this hilarious (yet informative) journey from porn-loathing to a comfortable understanding of what makes the nether-regions warm and fuzzy. Ok, wet and sticky. Whatever.

Witty, insightful and intriguing, Pornology will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the things most people know little about. Lap dances, brothels, “squirting” techniques (ok, that part was kinda gross), porn stars, group sex and more, Ayn lays it all out with a slap and a tickle, leaving the reader feeling curiously ok with the “dirty” world of sex-on-display.

Let me tell you – this Mom's Club thing is fun. I had a blast! I got to glimpse into the world of moms who “had kids and survived to write about it.” And, laugh about it. And, make no apologies for retaining their sense of fun and previous identities. After all, with the apple not falling far the tree and all, to get a cool baby, you gotta be a cool mama!


Shawn said...

HILARIOUS post. Trying to remain a gentleman, I'll leave my comments at that.

natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

Thanks, Shawn. You are a gentleman, indeed. More of one than some of the moms, in fact! ha ha :-)