Saturday, June 02, 2007

San Francisco Cocktail Week!

Few cities take cocktails as seriously as San Francisco. So, it is no surprise that their first (hopefully annual) Cocktail Week was stupendous! I was blown away by the rich and layered cocktail culture in the City by the Bay, and impressed by the collaborative spirit amongst the bartenders, Mixologists, liquor-company owners, chefs and cocktail connoisseurs. From my experience, the only other US cities which mirror that level of shared passion and educated experimentation are New York, Chicago and a handful of people in DC. (All “drinking cities,” of course. Unfortunately, LA is not even on that map…yet)

The main brains behind San Fran’s citywide event are three local bar owners: Jeff Hollinger from Absinthe (and author of The Art of the Bar), H. Joseph Ehrmann of Elixir, and Duggan McDonnell of Cantina. The trio rallied friends and colleagues in the bar industry to present one classic cocktail and one unique twist on a classic for the whole 7-day period, giving the public a chance to try as many as they could handle!

Below is a list of the participating bars, and their drinks. I was only up for two nights, with photographer, Claire Barrett. We hit three places each night, and I’ll have write-ups on those in coming posts. I will also do a more in-depth report on the bustling and stylish “wrap party” at Absinthe on Monday, May 21st. In the meantime, make note of these hotspots for your next trip to San Fran. You will leave a changed drinker.

Absinthe: * Classic: Sazerac * Original: Bob-Tailed Nag
Alembic: * Classic: Mint Julep * Original: Vow of Silence
Bourbon & Branch: * Classic: 1896 Martini * Original: Todd's Smoked Olive Martini
Butterfly: * Classic: Monkey Gland * Original: Cao Dai Cocktail
Cantina: * Classic: Pisco Punch * Original: Marmalade Cooler
Citizen Cake: * Classic: Mint Julep * Original: Ring of Fire
Coco 500: * Classic: Whiskey Sour * Original: Tortuga Ahumada
Cortez: * Classic: El Diablo * Original: Tore Margarita
Elixir: * Classic: Corpse Reviver No. 2 * Original: Eldersour
Forbidden Island: * Classic: Nui Nui * Original: Forbidden Island
Garibaldis: * Classic: Old Fashioned * Original: Basil Banger
Jardiniere: * Classic: Pegu Club Cocktail * Original: Rhum Pegu
Le Colonial: * Classic: French 75 * Original: Gigi
Monaghan's: * Classic: Manhattan * Original: Menage au Poire Cocktail
Nopa: * Classic: Sidecar * Original: Gran Reserva Sidecar
Pesce: * Classic: Negroni * Original: Venetian Cocktail
Presidio Social Club: * Classic: Pisco Punch * Original: Boots and Saddle
Range: *Classic: Negroni * Original: Little Italy
Rye: * Classic: Manhattan * Original: Dogpatch
Slanted Door: * Classic: New Orleans Buck * Original: Agricole Rhum Punch
Solstice Lounge: *Classic: Rhum Crusta * Original: Mamere
Tres Agaves: *Classic: La Paloma * Original: La Rosa

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