Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Confessions of a Muse...

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What 7 things don't Sipsters know about The Liquid Muse? asks Fashion Girl. Would they really give a rats ass? I wonder.

First Confession: This photo of me is the best headshot I've ever taken. It is better than I look in real life. I will use it often and unrelentingly til I die. (photo credit: Claire Barrett)

Well, just in case any of you would like a little more insight into me, my goals and some of my un-Musey qualities, here it goes:

#1) I am married. People seem to find that surprising. I guess Muses are supposed to have an air of attainability. My attainability went out the window about a year and a half ago...

#2) I do drink on a regular basis but I am not a "party animal." People tend to assume I'm out boozing at some night club everyday of the week. In reality, those years are about 5 years behind me. I do, however, regularly review new alcoholic products, go to glamorous events and interview fascinating winemakers, Mixologists and CEO's of spirits companies. I also experience fab restaurants and lounges on a regular basis. These things keep me dedicated to my work, and give me something to write about!

#3) I don't know every cocktail recipe in the world off the top of my head. I end up feeling like I'm on a game show with some people: "What's in this? How do you make that?" I'm like, "Search my blog - it's probably on there!"

#4) I did go to bartending school (in the 90's) but I'm not a bartender. I create Signature Cocktails for private celebrations or high-end events, but I don't work at an actual bar. I've thought about it, though. I think it would be fun to try out my new concoctions on unsuspecting customers...

#5) I don't make a penny from The Liquid Muse, directly. Not yet, anyway. I've just signed up with the Cocktail & Spirits Advertising Co-op, headed by Darcy at The Art of Drink, in hopes of at least covering my costs of running the blog. And, my "Cocktail of the Week" emails will soon be "sponsored" (ie: paid for). Yes, folks, TLM costs me time and money to run. It is a labor of love but I do need to create a little revenue soon so it can support itself. I ain't no trust fund baby. I do, however, make my living as a freelance journalist and creating Signature Cocktails.

#6) I have FIVE monthly columns. (Yes, five!)
  • My newest is a nationally syndicated cocktail column "Travel Buzz" running in all 20+ editions of Where Magazine. That page prints over a million times per month! (woo-hoo!)
  • I also have "Cocktail Corner" in Northern Virginia Magazine, which I loooooove writing.
  • I just picked up a regular gig in LA for Valley Life Magazine, focusing on restaurants in the San Fernando Valley.
  • I write "Cooking With Michel" for The Georgetowner, a publication in Washington DC. In it, I feature one of Celebrity Chef Michel Richard's recipes each month, and write the intro to it.
  • I have a second column in the same publication called "Savor the Good Life.
#7) My goals for the next year are:
  • Sell my cocktail book to the publisher of my dreams
  • Get hired by Conde Nast and / or
  • Host my own cocktail show for a major publication or TV network (see my first feeble attempt at guerilla fimmaking on YouTube)
  • Spend just one whole 24-hour day in a beautiful, natural setting, without touching a computer
So, now I have to tag some people - which I kinda hate to do because it can feel a bit like a chain letter . So, I am going to tag a few people (though no obligations if you don't want to) and if anyone else reading this wants to be tagged, leave me a note in the comments and I'd be happy to tag you (with links, of course). I tag: Deb at Dinner At Six, the sun-lovers at Flashy Shades, for a little variety!


fashiongirl said...

I knew you were an interesting muse. Love the photo. Also love, love, love the cocktail of the week. I'm looking for you to become a New Food Network Star. You've got talent lady! said...

Hey Fashion Girl,
Thanks for the tag, it was fun.

As for Food Network... from your mouth to God's ears, my friend!



Dr. Bamboo said... *don't* know every cocktail recipe by heart??

Another illusion shattered. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You sound pretty normal (and the better for it!) LOL
Keep on the great work!
Cheers to that!