Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where the Boys Are…

I hear a lot of women complaining about men. Where are the good ones? Why don’t they meet any?

Well, I’ll tell you why. Because the cool guys are online writing about cocktails!

As one of the (relatively) few females impassioned enough about spirits, wine and cocktails to write about them like, oh, every freakin’ day, I can tell you, from personal experience, t
here are a whole bunch of boys over here. Fun-loving, knowledgeable and for Chrissakes, they make a mean margarita. Or martini. And, please, don’t insult them by asking for a hum-drum blended daquiri or Cosmo. These guys are on the cutting edge of what’s new and exciting in cocktail culture. Don’t be controlling. Leave it in their hands. (It’s a turn-on to be able to do that, ladies. Trust me on that one.)

o, forget hanging out on a late-night barstool. Cancel your subscription to match.com. Mosey on over to The Liquid Muse, and I’ll share the 411 on some of the most fascinating gentlemen on the web.

And, if you don’t connect with an actual man, you’ll definitely pick up some good drink recipes along the way. Nothing heals a lonely heart like a good, stiff cocktail. And, once you’ve mastered the art of mixing a killer drink, you may lure a good, stiff man over to enjoy one with you…

Let’s kick this off with my adopted mentor in the cocktail world. Tony Abou-Ganim lives in Vegas, travels the world shaking up the classics, had a show on Lifetime and recently released a new line of how-to-mix DVD’s. Join the fan club (I’m the President) and check out the Modern Mixologist, himself.

The King of Cocktails, Dale Degroff, has been slinging booze since before many of the folks on this list were old enough to drink. He ran the bar at the top of Manhattan’s World Trade Center and now teaches cocktail antics around the globe.

Darcy has mastered both the Art of Drink and the entrepreneurial spirit. Are you a potential advertiser? Email Darcy. He heads up a cocktail bloggers advertising co-op.

If I were constructing an online family, Jeffrey Morgenthaler is the one I’d choose to be my big brother. Or, kid brother. Behind the bar, or behind the scenes he’s the kind of guy who’s got your back. For a great attitude with a side of booze visit his Oregon-based blog.

Paul from the Cocktail Chronicles kicked off Mixologist Mondays. And, I feel like such an ass not to have jumped on board that wagon, yet. Perhpas I'll host one in the not-too-distant future.

Dr. Bamboo
comes up with cocktail recipes and awesome graphics to accompany them. Check out his site for the artwork as much as for the cocktails. (And, congrats are in order as Baby Bamboo is on the way!)

Shawn, a lawyer by day, Mixologist by night, is the cocktail world’s Clark Kent. Armed with both a sense of justice and a killer cocktail, his original recipes are featured on his blog, Rejiggered.

Grandiose Blog’s barman, Mondiu is a newcomer to the Blogosphere so a hearty welcome from TLM. His first several posts (bar tools and classic cocktails) are definitely worth a gander.

San Francisco has an incredible cocktail culture. Interactivity, collaboration, passion and knowledge are words that come to my mind after spending a few days up North for the San Francisco Cocktail Week. Camper English is in the City by the Bay, and therefore in tune with all sorts of cool stuff.

Ok, ladies, Chris is taken (wife and child) but his blog Nonjatta devoted to Japanese whisky is available to all the world. Who knew that Japan was one of the biggest whisky-loving countries in the world?

Rick Lyke, of Lyke 2 Drink, reports wine, beer and booze news from North Carolina. He’s also got a very comprehensive drink link list on his blog.

These other guys I have not met or corresponded with personally, but want to make sure they’re included in this round up. Their blogs content (and in some cases the bloggers themselves) provide plenty to drool over: Jimmy’s Cocktail Hour, Drink Boy, Joe Bartender, The Thinking Bartender, Liquor Snob, Martini Lounge.

Into Beer? Knut’s Beer Blog is based in Oslo, and Jeffrey Wells website is on its way!


Jeffrey Morgenthaler said...

Thanks, Natalie! I'm honored to be in such a sexy lineup.

Well, all except that one guy. He knows who he is...


Dr. Bamboo said...

Thanks for the nod, Natalie! Like Jeffrey said, it's nice to find myself mentioned alongside all these knowledgable guys.

Paul said...

Thanks, Natalie -- I've also updated my latest round of link love to include your site. Thanks for the support!

Shawn said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! I am way outclassed by this group, and flattered to be included.

And I'm sure I speak for all in the lineup in thanking you for your seemingly inexhaustible flow of eloquent and engaging posts on our common, spirited topic.

Sorry it took me so long to comment, that whole pursuit of justice thing kept me hopping yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Chere Natalie!
J'ai bien aime la definition:
"you may lure a good, stiff man over to enjoy one with you"
Cela veut dire bien des choses!

Kevin Erskine said...

I am so insulted that I didn't make the alcohol blogger dating game. And me on the market!

OK, so I focus on Scotch. I still make some nmean drinks :)

natalie@theliquidmuse.com said...

Hey Kevin,
So sorry!! Send me your info...