Tuesday, March 27, 2007

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Sipster In A Pickle

Anyone in the DC-area knows that Todd Thrasher, who designs the cocktails at Restaurant Eve and Eamonn’s/PX, is a Mixologist Extraordinaire. His libations are creative and unique, and hard to come by, elsewhere. Here is an inquiry from Sipster, Mary Jane:

Dear Natalie, Having relocated to LA to go to school, can you please recommend an upscale bar that might serve a pickled martini...or something as wonderful? I just returned from DC (specifically Alexandria VA, where I frequented Restaurant Eve). I would love to find such a place in LA. Thanks so much! ~Mary Jane

I sent out some feelers to LA restaurants, to see if a pickled martini was on their drink menu. Surprisingly, no one I spoke to seems to have such a thing.

So, I did the next best thing to help Mary Jane. I got the low-down from the man, himself. Try it at home, and let me know how it comes out! And, if you decide to order this drink in any of the many upscale bars in LA, just ask the bartender to use pickle juice instead of olive juice in a vodka martini. It will be as close as you’re gonna get to one of Todd’s...

Pickled Martini (Courtesy of Todd Thrasher at Restaurant Eve)
2 oz Grey Goose
1 oz pickle juice

Shake vigorously, with ice. Strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with pickled Japanese cucumber slice and top with pickled “air.”

*Pickled Air:
One quart of Pickle juice
2 Tablespoons of Soy Lecithan

Combine juice and the soy in a square, shallow container. Use a hand blender for 3 minutes. Let foam form and cover with plastic wrap. Blend as needed.

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mj- said...

a pickled martini? what? trust me, it is unique... maybe it is the almost sweet pickle juice balance, but also the meringue "pickled air" on top... enjoy (only) one with a daughter or special friend... (just don't breathe in the "air" when you sip... and next time in DC, try the original at Eve in Alexandria... and give Tammy and Ken our love [and of course, Todd, Cathal and Meshelle] ... and let us know who is creative and confident enough to replicate this nearby...) Natalie gets the first sip for doing her homework...