Friday, March 23, 2007

Eat It Raw

Hadaka Sushi Hits the Sweet Spot

It’s Date Number Three, and you’ve barely hit second base. If you’re really hot for this guy, its time to kick it into high gear, sister! Don your slinkiest, body-hugging dress (with second-skin black leather boots) and high tail it to Hollywood's Sunset Strip for Date Number Four.

Hadaka means “naked” in Japanese. (which should tip him off, right away.) Hadaka Sushi opens its doors to the public on Sunday, March 25, and is already referred to as a “hot-spot” for more reasons than one

Enter past knee-high red letters spelling S-E-X and immediately feel the sensual vibe tingling your skin. The intimate dining area bustles with lovely burlesque-clad lasses, the walls are adorned with voyeur style pin-up black-and-white drawings (I especially loved those) and the private velvet curtained-off tables are ideal to set your stage for seduction.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And, though that may not be the
most intriguing part of his anatomy, it never hurts to bring it along for the ride. Hadaka has everything you would expect from a high-end sushi joint. And, while the actual fish is a turn-on in itself, the names of the dishes (Hard-Core Porn, Pocket Rocket and Make Out Slut) are sure to get him standing at attention. I mean, get his attention. Take a peek at Hadaka’s whole X-rated menu courtesy of our friends at

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, or hosting a party for group fun, book the “Adults Only” room. There within, sushi takes second-seat to presentation. Where else can you get a little Nyo Tai Mori? (translation: eat raw tuna off a naked woman) That’s all I’ll say, you just have to try it…

Finally, like every den of temptation should, Hadaka takes cocktails seriously. In addition to infusing soju and sake themselves, every ingredient in the drinks - from sorbets to syrups to flavored milks and juices – are created in-house.

Begin by teasing your date with a naughty little Raspberry Lolita (Hadaka’s Asian-inspired mojito) blending Soju, lime, house-made raspberry sorbet, fresh muddled lime and sugar cane syrup.

Take it to the next level with The Stripper (aka: The Han Job) featuring vanilla-infused Han Soju, lychee puree, Raspberry sorbet and a splash of sour.

Wrap up the evening with Sticky Fingers (Hadaka Sushi's version of a White Russian) is a tempting blend of house-made chocolate milk, vanilla-infused soju, Ohkagura Sake, a shot of espresso and chocolate syrup.

And, a word of advice, girlfriend: If this place doesn’t score you a home run, send the boy home to mommy, and find a real man with whom to get “Hadaka”…

*Pix by Claire Barrett Photography


DC Celine said...

I think H is going to fall in love with you all over again ;-) said...

Hey Doll,
Take him there and he'll fall in love you all over again, too!!! (though he may already be too dazzled by you for that to even be possible...)

Anonymous said...

I don't see the big deal about this sushi restaurant. Service was slow; the waitress look like French maid with there outfits that where modified to look like they just came from Madi Grai. The sushi they served was not up to par a little chewy to eat. Also seems the chef likes to use allot of fried sushi rolls with lots mayo base sauce with his sushi. This does not make this to health to eat and it probably has a higher cholesterol count than normal. I read about this chef and I see he has copied some of his ideas from Blowfish, TigerLilly, and Wolfgang Pucks famous min hamburger hor'd oeuvres he served at his opening night. That's Original!!! There are much better sushi restaurants to go to for decor & Food instead of this Hobbits Place meet Moulin Rouge restaurant said...

Hi Anonymous,
That is a funny quib about Hobbits meeting Moulin Rouge. The sushi I tried was quite yummy... but maybe we had different things. I also liked the cocktails. Still, it is great to hear people's experiences.

I wonder what other visitors to Hadaka Sushi think?

Thanks for reading The Liquid Muse.

kindred said...

My date and I truly enjoyed the food. The menu and decor gave us some fun topics to discuss while we waited for the delicious appetizers. The edemame were ginger spicy-sweet...mouth watering deliciousness...the best I've had anywhere!
My date had a steak that was incredibly tender and juicy that had been marinated and grilled perfectly! (I almost offered to trade with him!) My tuna sushi (I won't share the name with you ;-) was scrumptious. Our server was ready to answer any questions and our food was served from the kitchen. (Except the sushi, of course!) Our water glasses were swiftly filled, too. The owner even came over and introduced himself!
We'll be back. (I want to know what that steak was marinated in and try a couple more fun items on the menu!) It isn't often that we find a great restaurant that has 'all' that we're hoping for!

Anonymous said...

fish is definetly not fresh. in other news SAW the sushi chefs CRAWL on the floor to get in and out of the sushi bar. umm... i don't know about anyone else, but when i see my "SUSHI" chef crawl on the FLOOR! I DO NOT WANT HIM MAKING MY FREAKIN SUSHI!!!!. but i don't blame them, they are completely trapped in the bar. i guess the bacteria and dirt from the bottom of all the chef's/bartender's/waiter/waitress' shoes adds to the unique not fresh taste of the sushi. i almost threw up. and the place is NOT popping i guess their just trying to ride the hype out, but that's all it is... hype. there are so many GOOD sushi bars around that area i almost feel bad for anyone that makes the same mistake i did. spend your good, HARD EARNED money else where.

p.s. the menu is totally ripped off from tiger lilly and blowfish
i know this for AS A FACT.

Anonymous said...

Tiger Lilly and Hadaka Sushi have the same owner by the way... that's why the menu is similar.