Friday, March 16, 2007

Drink Cool, Look Cool

St. Patty's Day Fashion

If you're reading The Liquid Muse, I hope cheap green beer is behind you... There is so much more to explore in the realm of Irish Spirits! (more on that coming soon...) But - let's back up a second. Before you even step out for your night out, take a glance in the mirror. Give yourself the "once-over." If you feel there is room for improvement, I have a few suggestions for you...

Don't worry about accessorizing when you wear a shirt designed by Erica Flaum. Her tanks have jeweled necklaces and charms already sewn on. Throw on a short jacket and jeans, and you're good to go.

See the bar through green-colored glasses with these very stylish, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind green specs by Delusions Eyeware.

If you're seeing "little green men" on St. Patty's Day, it may not be the booze. Martiandise features an adorable other-worldy critter on their T-shirts. (guy hint: Chicks love him.)

As for the uptown girls, this elegant-yet-fun (also one-of-a-kind) dress from Annatarian has enough green to keep you from being pinched, but it doesn't mean some Irish lad won't try to steal your heart...

Fortune Tees predicts your future with their tribute to St. Patrick's Day. Slip on "This is my lucky shirt" and see what happens...

And, for those of you who do get lucky, Secrets of the Ladies Room presents green-colored love gel. Small enough to slip in your purse for pocket, big enough to make a statement.

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