Thursday, March 01, 2007

One Week in Bangkok

Day 4: Business is Business

Wednesday: I am feeling guilty that I am not working my usual 10 hours a day, like I do at home! So, I cut out today’s plan of hitting Siam Square and finding out about floating market tours in order to catch up on some work. However, a few of today’s highlights include:

Breakfast soup: Pork porridge (sounds weird but is delicious!)

Business lunch: Today I accompanied Jason to the lovely Asian buffet. I noshed on assorted sushi, sashimi and had a bowl of Thai soup. (Yes, I’m addicted to the soups, here! Is it really surprising, after all, that The Liquid Muse should love soup?)

Quick excursion: As a visitor in Bangkok, it is my duty to support the local economy, no? I dashed down to the alley market near the hotel and dropped a whopping $28. My loot for that pittance? 2 pairs of pajamas, a silky embroidered robe, 2 nighties, a pair of Tai Chi pants and 2 very spiffy dress shirts.

Business dinner: Went with Jason and his colleagues to a very unusual restaurant, called Seafood Market & Restaurant. Their slogan, “If it swims, we have it” worried me a little. (I hoped dolphins were excepted.) The restaurant was quite touristy but kinda fun. We went, as a group, up to a long counter, in the back of the restaurant. A hostess wheeled a shopping cart as we picked out all sorts of fish, tiger prawns, scallops, vegetables, etc., along with instructions as to how they should be prepared. It was a seafood feast and we enjoyed nice Australian wine with it.

The exotic fruits for dessert were especially luscious – mango, papaya, dragonfruit and lychees and a something that I hadn’t tried before… forgot the name, looks like a hard brown nut on the outside, about the size of a small tennis ball. Inside, the white, juicy flesh is shaped like a flower. Just delectable.

I did manage to get some work done, though not enough. I’ll be working tomorrow, too, for sure! I know I’m missing lots of sightseeing but business is business, after all…

Traveler Tip: Try the breakfast soups. Sample exotic fruits. Leave your laptop at home!

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