Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tom Sietsma's Stamp of Approval

Washington Post Restaurant Critic Supports Upcoming TLM Book

Without even realizing it, Tom Sietsma has validated the concept of my upcoming book. I am working on a book featuring mostly non-alcoholic cocktail recipes (which btw are perfect for pregnant ladies, those laying off the sauce and health-nuts, in general).

About a year ago, I mentioned this idea to Citronelle and Central’s Celebrity Chef and owner, Michel Richard (who is featured in “Cooking With Michel," part of my monthly cocktail column “Savor the Good Life” in The Georgetowner / Downtowner). Last time we talked about it, Citronelle was thinking of adding some drinks sans alcohol to their bar menu.

What I am very excited about is the like-mindedness! Derek Brown, gifted sommelier and Mixologist, has left Citronelle and graces Komi, as noted in Tom Sietsma’s chat, below. And, Mr. Sietsma’s suggests that more restaurants offer “mocktails.” Frankly, I couldn’t agree more…

From Tom's Washington Post Chat, "Ask Tom," today:

"Washington, D.C.: (cut) ... A week ago, my husband and I dined (at Komi) with a friend. I am pregnant, and had notified Komi when I made my reservations. They did a wonderful job of making substitutions on the few things I couldn't eat (raw fish and unpasteurized cheese). And the sommalier (Derek?) was kind enough to offer me a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail. Additionally, the chef sent out an extra sweet bite to congratulate my husband and I on the baby... (cut)

Tom Sietsema: Your mini-tribute doesn't surprise me. Komi just keeps getting better and better with age, doesn't it? I like the mocktail idea; more restaurants need to beef up their selections of festive drinks that don't involve alcohol."


Shawn said...


Personally, I love a strong coktail. However, not everyone agrees, and most people have different preferences depending on the circumstances. Your non-alcoholic cocktails acknowledge that at any particular time, some of the folks across the table or bar aren't inclined to tie one on. They could be pregnant, they could be the designated driver, or they could have work or other responsibilities to handle when they get home.

Another angle -- some folks want to have a drink but not at the expense of wrecking their efforts to control their weight. That boundary led me to create a number of fizzes that, when made with diet soda, aren't too punitive for the day's allowance of calories (or, Weight Watchers points). I hope you'll check them out at

Cheers! said...

Hi Shawn,
I couldn't agree more. Sometimes alchohol is a no-no. It is nice to have refreshing alternatives.

I am planning to write a piece, soon, on low-cal cocktails. If you'd like to contribute one, I'd love to feature it.


BabsieD said...

So the secret's out??? Sorry, just catching up here. I can't wait for this to come out!!!