Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Make It Pop

Java, Coming To A Soda Near You...

You hit the 4:00 pm wall. With a thud. Irritable, with a desk full of not-quite-extinguished fires, you bark at the intern, rewrite your profile on for the third time today, and watch the clock count down the last hour of work. (Yawn.)

Never fret, dear one. JavaPop is to the rescue. The first organic, carbonated, non-dairy based, 100% natural coffee-flavored soda is launching nationwide, very soon. Not only is it good for that afternoon lull, but its good for you... at least in the sense that it is sweetened with organically certified, pure cane juice, rather than anything artificial.

And, it is good for the coffee growers. The coffee beans come from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, so JavaPop's Fair Trade Certification guarantees that the farmers who grow the coffee beans receive fair value for their crops. It is even good for the environment because the company uses recycled packaging materials.

On top of that, it comes in five flavors, to suit your ever-changing moods: Espresso, Vanilla, Mocha, Hazelnut, and Caramel.

So, next time the clock passes 3:45, your eye starts to twitch and you can't take another minute, reach for a refreshing JavaPop. If nothing else, it will be good for that poor intern.


DC Celine said...

another one for the post-BF world (or rather, post-lent). but my favorite afternoon pick me up? cricket cola. if you don't know it, run out right now and get's lovely.

Anonymous said...

i just picked one of these up in mid town ny. very very tasty and give you a GREAT BOOST