Monday, March 19, 2007

TLM Call For Action:

Boycott "Captivity"

In one frame: A terrified young woman is tethered to a table, some sort of electrical tubes up her nose. In the next frame: Her head hangs from it, listless, dead.

LA is bombarded with horrifically graphic Billboards depicting four gruesome images of a young woman titled: Capture, Torture, Imprison and Terminate plastered along streets and freeways for all to see...

Who the f*** wants to be accosted with that image as they drive to work or take their kids to school?

Shame, shame on Lions Gate and After Dark Films.
The film industry has its high points and its low points when it comes to the portrayal of women. One could argue that by promoting Roland Joffé's misogynistic new film "Captivity" in this way, Lions Gate just hit rock bottom.

Some film reps have claimed that the billboards will be taken down but as one comes down, another is around the corner.

Read about our outrage here and here and here. And, feel free to call Lions Gate to complain. Many of us, in Los Angeles, are already underway...

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